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Interview with Jonathan Dörr from EGO KILL TALENT

Hi there. How happy are you with the new release and what is the story behind it?

Hi! We’re very thrilled. Absolutely. We’ve been waiting for this moment since May 2020 when we decided to retreat and to replan our releasing due to Covid-19. The album was recorded in 2019 at Studio 606, Dave Grohl’s (Foo Fighters) studio in Los Angeles. After playing 5 stadiums in South America with the Foo Fighters and Queens Of The Stone Age, we were invited by the Foo Fighters management to record our second album at their studio. Then we set deals with our management at C3 Management, with our angency WME and last but not least, we signed a deal with our label, BMG (the night prior to our show in Rock In Rio, in 2019). We were ready to hit the road in 2020, on a big stadium tour with Metallica and Greta Van Fleet in South America, and also play at the majority of the Danny Wimmer festivals in the U.S. and also in play the main festivals in Europe, with a tour with SOAD and shows with the Foo Fighters. But Covid-19 hit the pause button and we had to replan our album release. But we kept the band working. Our single „The Call“ stood in the American charts for 11 weeks and it got a lot of airplay on radios in Europe.

 Is it harder for a Brazilian band with modern rock than for Americans or Europeans?

I think it’s hard for any band that wants to endure this game.

How long exist the band? What means the band’s name? How long are you guys in the music business?

Ego Kill Talent was formed back in 2014. We’re all friends for long time. We wanted a name that could say something by itself, with a message behind it. Theo Van Der Loo, was looking for the name, then he saw this saying “Too much EGO will KILL your TALENT “, and these three words EGO, KILL, TALENT, popped up in front of his eyes. Then he suggested the name to the guys (by this time, I wasn’t part of the band yet) and they liked it. Three heavy words. Each one with a deep meaning behind. When these three words combine, this combination works as a warning sign to ourselves. We’ve been on the music business more than 20 years. Jean played the drums for “Sepultura” for 7 years. He recorded 2 albums with them. Theo and Raphael had a band together, called “Sayowa” and I have another band called “Reação Em Cadeia” (Chain Reaction) that I sing in Portuguese, with a consolidated career here in Brazil, and Niper also had a band in the past.

What you think about the situation with corona? What means that for you as a band?

There’s a big cloud of fear and uncertainty over our heads. It’s really sad to see the people so divided at this moment. As a band we’re trying our best to keep working, writing new music and giving all the support to the releasing of “The Dance Between Extremes”, our new album. At the same time, we’re very concerned with this whole situation, so we’re always trying to give a good message of love and support to our fans, family and friends.

Can you live from music or have you got other jobs beneath music?

We’re very blessed to be able to make our living by music.

When the corona thing is over will you touring worldwide?

Absolutely! Hopefully in 2022 touring will be viable again and we’re going to hit the road to accomplish what we should’ve done in 2020.

Any last word for us?

Thank you so much for having me here! Stay safe! And follow us on Instagram @egokilltalent (don’t forget to say hi! ).



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