Interview with DUST IN MIND

Hi there. How happy are you with the new release and what is the story behind it?

Honestly, we are very happy about it. We are both proud to see that our intense work is being felt by the public, proud to see that the energy we put into our clips makes the difference. Very happy with the positive feedback from people. This album looks like all of us. Each member of the group. It is very precious to us.

You done a spectacular video clip for the song Synapses, what can you tell us about the creating of that clip?

Thank you so much ! We realized that many of our fans abroad did not know that we were French. That’s a bit like the risk of singing in English. By force, we lose our accent more and more and „maybe“ that today the groups lose a little of their „identity“. That’s why we decided to get it all right on this song and go to the Eiffel Tower. And the shoot was just unique. We had the eiffel tower to ourselves, for ONE HOUR. Not a minute more. One hour to take the equipment up, install everything, do the shooting, uninstall, and bring everything back down. In the end, what you see in the video is pretty much everything we filmed! It was done in one take. It was ONE opportunity ! And it went so fast that we couldn’t really realize what was going on. It was at the end of the shoot, when we got our van out of the Eiffel Tower area, that we pulled up to the side of the road. That we went out and had a collective hug <3


What you think about the situation with corona? What means that for you as a band?

Like everyone else, we are tired of it. We have a terrible desire, a need to go back on stage and share this energy with the audience! But hey .. We worked hard during the confinements, we spent a lot of confined time together with the group. We did not stop working for a single moment.

Can you live from music, or have you got other jobs beneath music?

We don’t live on DUST IN MIND. We all have a job on the side. Damien at his production company (PSYRUS STUDIO) which produces music and video clips (like everything for the band. Xavier has also just started his own video business but he works alongside, Thomas too. He started his battery trigger business. Philippe is psychologist. And me, I am a Merchandiser / Tour manager for other touring bands. And I produce / press merchandising. I now realize that we really are a „Swiss Army Knife“ band haha.

What you think about the Music business these days with all the streams and ever decreasing CD sales?

I think it’s really complicated nowadays, but that’s how it is right ? The world is like that now. It’s up to us to adapt too, and to find ways to survive other than selling our CDs.
This is why we must constantly renew ourselves, stay on the lookout, fight to get there.

What kind of bands have influenced you in your beginnings?

We all have different influences, but we all find ourselves a lot with Korn or Pain which are our biggest musical influences. Concerning myself I was very influenced by Lacuna Coil when I was 15 years old. She’s the one who made me want to sing! And I am so grateful to feel the same today. I admire her, who she was and who she is.

How big is metal these days in France and what you wish for you in the future?

The Metal scene in France is difficult and struggles to renew itself a bit. It is very difficult to break into France. But hey, we do not give up. We are aware of what we are capable of. We want to tour, play in as many countries as possible, meet our audience. This is definitely our goal. THANK YOU 🙂

Album: 19.11. DUST IN MIND – „CTRL“ (DarkTunes Music Group/Soulfood)


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