This article series is about the tools of popular guitarists. What are their favorite guitars and how is it related to them? This time with Peter H. Nilsson

The Swedish guitar player Peter H. Nilsson is based in Gothenburg.
Peter H Nilssons album. „Little American Dream“ is the result of an Swedish-American collaboration that led to a very mature rock record bare of (almost) all musical and lyrical cliches. This record on which at times guitar and keyboard change their leading role, doesn’t fit any category and that isn’t its aim at all.
Peter H Nilsson is currently working on his new album „Sign Of Myself“ and is expected to be released August 2021.

Valley Arts Custom Pro Fireburst 1995:
This one is very special to me, first Valley Arts Custom Pro I got back in the days when I was contacted by the Swedish top dealer for Valley Arts mid 90s.
They asked me to come to their office for a discussion ending up with a sponsorship. I used it a lot during all gigs with the band I played with and it has a lot of blood sweat and tears.. Nowadays I use it only in my Studio as I don’t want anything to happen with it.. but on one occasion I by pure accident runned it over by my car, I had by mistake put the guitar behind the car and we were in hurry and the guys in the band asked me to my my car and I put my car in reverse and runned it over, luckily for me only the case was broken…
Body wood is Alder with maple top, Neck wood is Birds Eye Maple with Ebony fretboard.

Valley Arts Custom Pro Trans Red 1990;
This one is the real deal, this guitar was up for sale in Stockholm and I couldn’t resist buying it, this one is like new and is an amazing player. All original except the pickups, changed to Steve Lukather EMG signature pickups, still have the original EMGs though. Have sued this one a lot on my upcoming album.
Body wood is Swamp Ash, neck wood is Birds Eye Maple with Ebony fret board.

Valley Arts Custom Pro Black 1991:
Got this one 3 Years ago and it was a wreck, but a real player.. Had my guitar tech Åke Björnstad change frets on it and now it is a real player and probably the only Valley Arts I will bring out on the road..
Body Wood is Alder and Neck wood is  Birds Eye Maple with Ebony fret board.

Music Man Luke 2 Pearl Blue with matching head stock;
Got this one a long time ago and at first I didn’t like it and didn’t use it at all.
But then I started to use it and now it is my main guitar when I’m tracking guitars in my studio. The Music Man Luke necks are soft V shape and they are amazing and very comfortable. Body wood is Alder, Neck wood Flame Maple and Rosewood fretboard and this guitar really sings!!

Music Man Luke  2 BFR Ruby Red with matching headstock.
If you are into Music Man you have to have at least one Ball Family Reserve.
Saw this one on advert when I was in Stockholm, called the music store in Malmö and told them I want it, this one was just bought by someone and he traded it 2 weeks later for something so this Music Man is like brand new.
Body wood on this one is Alder, with an insert of Mahogany block and a Maple cap. Neck wood is Birds Eye Maple with Rosewood fret board.
Pickups are EMG Steve Lukather Signature.

Music Man Luke 2 Black with matching headstock;
Got this one as I wanted a backup for my Pearl Blue Music Man,
this one has the same specification as my Pearl Blue.
Have used it alot on my album Little American Dream

Music Man Luke 2 Limited Edition Dargie 2 Matching headstock;
These ones are really rare and I couldn’t resist buying this one.
Body wood is Alder and neck wood is Flame Maple with Ebony fret board,
pickups are EMGs Steve Lukather signature.
This one sounds a little bit different then my other Luke 2 because of the ebony fretboard.
Have used it on my album Little American Dream and also on my upcoming album „Sign Of Myself“

Music Man Luke 3 HSS Fuschia Sparkle;
Got this one last year actually and couldn’t resist buying it because of the stunning color. Weird, I know.. The old Music Man Luke 3 used to have DiMarzio passive pickups but I don’t like how they sound but on the new Luke 3s Music Man has designed their own passive pickups and these sound amazing, so versatile.However, Long story short, Mathias at the Music Store MUG in Gothenburg just handed it over to me when I was passing by and stuck my head in to just say hi and he said, I got your new guitar.. and he was right.
Love this one.
Body Wood is Alder, Neck wood is baked Flame Maple with Rosewood fretboard. This one sings as well and I have used it alot on my upcoming album „Sign Of Myself“

1965Guitars Les Paul Trans Red;
This one is very special, I have built and painted this one by myself.
I got the body and neck from a company in Canada and I did some work on the neck and body to suit me. Then I learned how to paint, Youtube is fantastic.
Took me 2-3 months to build this one, mainly because the paint needed to cure between wet sanding and shooting new clear coats.
I have passive DiMarzio transition pickups on this one but I will change them to Seymore Duncans instead, I really don’t like the sound on DiMarzios.
Body wood is Mahogany with Flame Maple cap and the neck wood is  Mahogany with Rosewood fretboard. This one sounds really warm and typical Les Paul. this one is even better then my Gibson Les Paul Heritage Cherry burst.
I used my Les Paul on the song Haunted from my Album Little American Dream.

Guitar rack; I usually use this rig live together with my Soldano amps and speakers. This rig is a Wet/Dry/Wet rig.
So all effects are in Left and Right and a dry signal in the middle.
It sounds huge!


To change presets on my rack I use an old Custom Audio Electronics RS10 midi switcher which Bob Bradshaw built for me early 90s, before we even had email.
We had a fax conversation me and Bob and he asked me about my rack setup and what kind of gear I had and what kind of functionality I wanted and he built the RS10 for + and Custom interface for my rack.
This midi switcher is built like a tank and still works without any problems.

The amps I use are Soldano HR50s tube amps.
In Early 90s I was in contact with the Swedish top dealer and secured sponsorship with them.. I have tried other amps but I keep getting back to my Soldano amps, they are a part of me.
Strings; I use exclusively S.I.T strings 009-046
Picks; I use Dunlop Jazz 3

I have several other guitars as well but these are the ones I use exclusively for my new album Sign Of Myself.
I have a couple of Gibsons, Les Paul, Flying Vees, Explorer.
Fender Stratocaster and Telecaster, a Blade Stratocaster as well and also some „part casters“ Bodys from Warmoth, Necks from Warmoth etc.


My Studio; 1965 Guitars Pre-Production Studio.
Have my studio very close to my home and this is where I track everything before sending all to Thomas Plec Johansson at The  Panic Room Studio in Skövde, Sweden.
Thomas has helped me alot to get the right guitar sound in my studio.

Peter H Nilsson Youtube channel:

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