This article series is about the tools of popular guitarists and bassists. What are their favorite guitars or basses and how is it related to them? This time with Magnus Rosén.

The red light on the bass amplifier cord has been plugged in once more after a thousand and a thousand times. The sounds reflect the bass that hangs over the shoulder. Once again the instrument sounds and concentration is focused. After 43 years of bass playing from the smallest pub to about 60 countries touring, 100,000s in the audience / 150 million TV viewers, gold records and other awards, there is still the desire to make the Bass and the playing grow, make it sound a little better. An endless search for expression of perfection in the game of music.

Right now my new album The World and Times with Magnus Rosén Band is recorded in 4 different countries with very exciting and great musicians. The search for a good release is on the working table.

In one of my houses out here in the woods, the bass amps are lined up. Most are from the brand Eden, Randall, Trace Eliot, BOSE systems, AER amplifiers. It must be real power packs that accompanied me on world tours with different bands.

For the most part, I use my little AER which is easy to take with me. It is a professional combo amplifier with XLR line out, as well as both Canon and and XLR in. Sounds compact and is very good. The bass frequencies suffer a bit from the small size of the amplifier, but the sound is clear.

Many musicians are very interested in their sound, small marginals are made by different mics on the instruments, different pedals and amplifiers and speakers.

I myself think the playing itself, the attack on the string, the softness over the neck in a sensitivity from the heart is what gives the magic. Of course, a professional facility is needed, but for me the small marginals are not that important. But the small margins are very important on the instrument itself that will receive my playing.

The feeling makes the music alive or dead. Everything basically depends on the playing and its expression.

Strings, string height, neck, straps on the neck, if this is right, then a good microphone gives the complicated that can enhance the feeling in the playing for me. I only use the pedals to create certain effects in addition to the ESP compressor which i always work with.

My different basses have variations. I plays most on Mannebasar An Italian brand. There are 4 of these Manne basses from fretless to my 29 frets 4 string basses that I take with me on tour.

I have some Factor basses that I like a lot that give me some color i like in the sound. A number of Washburn basses there of some 5 string basses that are useful. ESP is also a nice brand who sometimes looks forward among the basses i have. They are good instruments for sure. But if I have one great bass, I still happy. Something i can continue to open new adventures both musically,  but the instrument   is also the key to the world for me. Meeting people with similar interests is inspiring. Musicians does not have to be the best, but if you have some type of your own color in your playing, it is in the end that counts in my opinion. The inner feeling that is conveyed by the instrument is the key to other people i believe. If you have something to say, it can be heard in your playing.

I myself tried to get myself a small toolbox with different techniques for the playing. But when the playing gets too advanced and the polyrhythm sounds fast, it is difficult for the uninitiated to keep up. It may be that when the playing goes over a certain limit, it is difficult to reach the audience. And in some cases, the uninitiated in this knowledge may even believe that something is wrong, but it it is´t, just premium. My greatest gift in this musical adventure is my desire and my inner joy for the wonderful presence of the live playing. To express love, power, sensitivity in the big and the small scale. I do not see myself better than anyone else, but my personality is what i may have. And this is enough for me on this endless and exciting path. 

New 2021:

I play on the  new album with Tony Martin ( ex Black Sabbath ) with Release 2021.

Magnus Rosén band The World and Times Release 2021.

Rock The World Again!!!

Photo credits: Bjarne Karlsson, Gabriel Henningson, Vicente Diaz, Edin Photograhy

A part of Magnus Rosén music life:

Magnus Rosén with Hammerfall

Magnus Rosén meets Symphony Orchestra



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