This article series is about the tools of popular guitarists. What are their favorite guitars and how is it related to them? This time with Jayce Landberg

Jayce has a guitar collection of over 40 guitars ranging from Strats, Firebirds, Flying Vs, Telecasters to Explorers. However, like to any other guitarist, amongst this wide variety of models, a few pieces stick out as recurring favourites.

The Pearl White designed and fabricated to his exact specifications. It features a scalloped nitro finished maple neck, stainless steel frets, a metal pickguard, a reversed neck pickup in the bridge position and no volume pot so as to reduce the amount of electronics impairing the acoustics. Jayce always uses gold plated strings on that guitar. The Pearl White was used on the guitar solo of the track “Promised of Asgaard” and has a fluid, almost violin like sound.

The Venus was purchased from one of Abba’s guitarists in Stockholm. The guitar wasn’t for sale but Jayce insisted on buying it as the model was only released by Fender as a prototype. He bought it without pickups and mounted a single humbucker in the bridge position. The Venus was used live quite a lot and on all tracks on the Good Sleepless Night album, both rhythmically and on lead.

The Honey Burst ’03 Gibson Les Paul 1960 reissue is one of Jayce’s all time favourites. It is displayed on the cover of the Good Sleepless Night album although Jayce didn’t use it to record the album. It is modified with Seymour Duncan pickups.

The ’03 Surf Green ’57 reissue Strat was used on several solos on the Break the Spell album and remains a favourite as well with its aging nitrocellulose finish and vintage frets. The pickups have been modified to DiMarzio HS3 save for the middle pickup which remains stock.

The Fiesta Red custom strat, named The Red Angel is Jayce’s second signature Strat. It features an ebony fretboard, a brass nut and active EMG DG20 pickups. Although it has not been used on any recording as of yet, it is sonically and feeling-wise now one of Jayce’s all time favourite.

Another favourite is the Gibson JB Melody Maker, only released by Gibson as a limited edition of 300 copies worldwide. It features two P90 pickups as well as an ebony fretboard. The guitar was used on many tracks including Gates of Valhalla in the Viking metal band Bleckhorn.

There is a nice and funny story about the all original ’63 Höfner bass that Jayce uses. After an all night party in Uppsala, Sweden, Jayce and a friend went out in the morning to get more alcohol. In the distance they saw someone holding an instrument and opening a container. Jayce’s friend made no mistake and ran towards that person promptly only to find out that he was about to throw the bass in the trash, stating that it was old and most certainly held no value nowadays. Jayce asked him if they could have it instead which resulted in that person giving the bass to Jayce’s friend. Upon returning home, Jayce pointed out to his friend that he couldn’t play any instrument and that he might consider an exchange, which he eventually agreed upon. The bass was given to Jayce in exchange for a vinyl record from Jayce’s collection that his friend had been contemplating for a long time.


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