Guitar Special Vol.80 mit Julian Sas

This article series is about the tools of popular guitarists. What are their favorite guitars and how is it related to them? This time with Julian Sas.

My favorite stratocaster model is PK Guitar with a reversed head stock! Patrick Koopman (PK) is one of the finest Luthiers in the Netherlands and he built me this one in 1998. In a darker looking sunburst. It has Seymour Duncan antiquity pups and a Alder body and rosewood neck. This guitar has seen many miles and has a lot of memories! It has been on all of my records since 1998! A true workhorse and a joy to play! after all these years when I pick it up and plug it in it feels like coming home. We decided back then to reverse the head stock so that the bass string was longer and had more depth… almost everybody I was influenced by Hendrix early on when I started playing, and I always liked his bass sounds… that’s why! The overall range of harmonics and sounds is amazing! The guitar has an amazing sustain and warmth tone. The body was sprayed with a very thin layer of paint and because of heavy sweating (an average Sas band show is three hours) the paint came off very quick and you see the wood very good coming through………kinda like Rory’s strat, which is another major influence on my playing. So that is the story of this remarkable instrument and still my number one……cheers Julian


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