Guitar Special Vol.73 mit Nick van Delft

Bildnachweis: Damian Escobar

In dieser Artikel Serie geht es um das Handwerkzeugs beliebter Gitarristen. Welches sind ihre Lieblingsgitarren und wie ist ihr Bezug dazu. Diesmal mit Nick van Delft.

My 1979 Gibson Les Paul custom is beyond any doubt my number one guitar. I bought it at Rare Guitar in Münster Germany about 17 years ago. I changed the pick ups a few times, searching for that specific tone and playability which I was looking for. For me old Bill Lawrence L500 XL and R in combination with the ebony and maple (stripped) neck, really work well together.

My family and close ones are familiar with the name „Angelina“ which I call the guitar. Very heavy chunky and not that easy player of an instrument. I have recorded and played live shows with the guitar, on so many special moments for me personally, that I sort of have a special bond with the instrument. I know I can count on the guitar when it’s important. Almost all of my playing and recording, for example with Zodiac (especially the early stuff) , was done with this particular Les Paul custom. Searching for my very own tone/voice , it’s the closest I‘ll ever get I think.. We have shared many adventures, the good times and the bad times. At the end of the day, always my go to guitar.

My Fender custom shop Stratocaster 63 relic.
Goes by the name „Olivia“. The olive drap finish caught my eye, it’s re-reliced by the mighty Oliver Baron-Helliver Guitars. Amazing tone very big sounding strat. As soon as I pick it up, time flies… As much as I love strats, being a SRV and Hendrix fan, it’s sort of hard finding your own thing on this wonderful instrument… still trying though!! I once traded the guitar for a Gibson, it haunted me in my dreams. I was very lucky to get the guitar back..! Lesson learned!
I’ve seen many guitars come and go, but these two are the finest in my book!


A Bit of Devil
  • Audio-CD – Hörbuch
  • Honest Hound / Cargo (Herausgeber)

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