Guitar Special Vol.71 mit Michael Vdelli

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In dieser Artikel Serie geht es um das Handwerkzeugs beliebter Gitarristen. Welches sind ihre Lieblingsgitarren und wie ist ihr Bezug dazu. Diesmal mit Michael Vdelli.

The guitar I have played the most of all is a 1980 Les Paul Deluxe. I bought it in 1991 from Ric Whittle’s Drumworkshop, (he became the drummer in my band VDELLI years 6 years later). He traded it in on a drum kit. The guitar was in mint condition as it had hardly been played. I was washing dishes in a restaurant to save up for my first „good“ guitar and put A$1,400 together. I didn’t really know Ric at the time, but he did know my Dad. So, A$1400 did the trick and I took it home with me.

The Deluxe model has mini pickups in it which I didn’t really want at the time, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as they have since become an integral part of my sound. I use Seymour Duncan Seymourized 3 mini humbuckers, which I can split into single coils via a switch for each pickup. So, I have 1 volume pot and 1 tone pot that works for both pickups simultaneously.

I have been through a lot with this guitar, many tours and albums. It has been refretted four times since I’ve had it, so you can tell I have played it a bit. I’m sure it isn’t the best guitar Gibson has ever made, but after playing it so much it really fits me now and has become part of me. I know it and it knows me. Being so close to this guitar I choose not to travel with it anymore.

The thought of it getting lost or stolen in an airport or broken by a luggage handler having a bad day is something I can’t think about.

So, I have been very lucky to be endorsed by Tokai Guitars. They are so great to me and I love playing their instruments. They also have guitars for me wherever I go so I don’t need to risk traveling with them.

They also gave me a couple to keep at home. One is a ‚Premium Series‘ LS-212F and the other is a ‚Vintage Series‘ LS-132S. Absolutely fantastic guitars! I love playing and touring with them and they have never let me down.


Never Going Back
  • Audio-CD – Hörbuch
  • Jazzhaus Records (in-Akustik) (Herausgeber)

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