This article series is about the tools of popular guitarists. What are their favorite guitars and how is it related to them? This time with Damien Dausch (DUST IN MIND).

I’ve been in the music business for about 15years. I started playing with bands in the death metal scene. Then I decided to create and focus on one only project. It’s called Dust In Mind. I produce the band. I’m also a music and video producer for bands and companies.

When you start guitar playing and do you remember your first guitar?

I started at 14 with an old guitar I found in the basement. It was my mom’s actually. Some strings were broken and it was rusty, but I liked it right away. My first actual guitar was a Squier, don’t remember the model, but a strat shape.

What are your influences and which guitar players are your favs?

Everything from Peter Tagtgren, so Pain, Hypocrisy, then I’d say Korn. Then I’ve got billions from every genre. I really like Sylvain Coudret from Soilwork, very good feeling, and is also a really nice guy. Christopher Amott is also a sick player.

How many guitars do you own and what are your favorite models?

I own 8 guitars, mostly E-II from ESP, EC shape, that I love most. I also got 2 Ibanez, one acoustic. I got a Marcus Miller bass, fucking killer. But the best one is definitely my E-II EC-II snow white. I don’t know how they make it, but it’s a dream to play and it has a very clean sound. You can do whatever you want with it. It’s just insane.

What do you think makes the perfect guitar and amp? How do you feel about the question of modeler or tube amp?

In my opinion the player is the most important thing. Then you got the amp, and then the guitar. ‚cause I’m thinking as a producer, so if you got a good player and a good amp you know it’s gonna be fine. I’m a modern guy, I just LOVE modelers because you can do what you want with it. And again, as a producer, I love to control everything. But of course it doesn’t mean tube amps are shit, no. To me, you use tube amps now for the pleasure of playing. Modelers are for recording. But I mean good modelers, right, like Neural DSP, or Fractal audio.

Which guitars and amps were used on the new album or for recordings?

I used to record with Fractal audio, now we are endorsed by the crazy Neural DSP. So we use plugins for live shows (GOJIRA for guitars, Parallax and Darkglass for bass) and Quad Cortex in the studio. They just kill the game you know. Of course, It doesn’t mean Fractal audio is bad, to me it’s awesome, but it’s just not the same workflow and feeling. About guitars, I used my E-II EC-II and a Ibanez Iron Label 7 string. That’s a very good mix.

When you only can choose one guitar, which one will you take?

Even if it’s useless for Dust In Mind, I’d take the E-II HRF NT8, it’s so beautiful, and the tone is above the world.

Interview with DUST IN MIND


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