This article series is about the tools of popular guitarists. What are their favorite guitars and how is it related to them? This time with Aaron Keay Homma (ANNIHILATOR, Killitorous)

When you start guitar playing and do you remember your first guitar?

I started playing guitar when I was 4 or 5, my aunt and uncle won me a little terrible guitar at the indoor carnival at the Skydome in Toronto. But really it started when I was about 10 or 11 and my dad gave me his old Ovation Acoustic guitar. My first electric was a black and white Hamer Standard I bought because I thought it looked cool, no idea it would become a classic collector guitar…talk about luck!

What are your influences and which guitar players are your favs?

My first influence was really James Taylor because all the books I learned guitar from (before the internet existed & before tabs were so available) were my fathers and were basically all James Taylor books. My father also showed me the band’s Mr. Big and Extreme, but to me at the time Paul Gilbert and Nuno Bettencourt really just seemed like they were touched by the hand of God and no one could ever be as good as them, because like I said there was no internet for me to learn all their tricks….but honestly, I wasn’t that wrong haha. Later on though the first rock band I discovered for myself was Silverchair, and to be honest I was just so intrigued that people so young like myself at the time could make such prolific music & diverse sounding albums. Step three is when I got into metal and I remember the first metal band I ever heard was Dying Fetus because someone told me about them at school, and honestly I just thought it was like a joke or something because of the name…I realized very quickly that the musicianship behind the music was just amazing and I fell in love with extreme music

How many guitars do you own and what are your favorite models?

I have 12-17 guitar collection, I really like guitars from the 80’s to early 90’s. I really love finding them and bringing them back to life. I have an old 1980’s Ibanez RG, 1980’s Fernandes Revolver, 1980’s Dean Z, 1980’s Kramer American and two 1980’s Hamers to mention a few of favorites, but I really do love my signature series Tuxe Deluxe 27 fret V that Bond Instruments designed for me. It has an Evertune bridge, all graph tech hardware(which I put on all my guitars) & Seymour Duncan custom shop pickups…It’s just the perfect guitar for me.

What do you think makes the perfect guitar amp?

Honestly I am not very amp oriented, my dad always said „Wayne Gretzky could kick your ass with any hockey stick, on any rink.“ so I really take that to heart when it comes to amplification. Basically I just need my Airis effects Placebo effect overdrive pedal and I can make any amp sound like me…if it’s a tube amp haha.

Which guitars and amps were used on the new album or for recordings?

I used my Tuxe Deluxe on all my recent albums for rhythm tracks, but for solos I mix it up with all my 80’s guitars with floating bridges/trems. Which I find makes my solos pop a little more. For amps I use a variety of amplifiers when re-amping…I believe the last album I played on was Engl speedball mixed with Mesa rectifier?? But I may be wrong.

When you only can choose one guitar, which one will you take?

If there’s only one guitar I take it would be my new Bond Instruments Tuxe Deluxe V with the Ebony Top and red binding. It is a true work of art, it belongs in a museum…not with an idiot like me. Frankly I’m scared to touch the thing!

Annihilator – Zeche Bochum 20.10.2019


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