When did you start playing, and do you remember your first guitar? Do you still own your first guitar?

Of course, i was 10 years old and bought a cheap Nylon string on the flea market for 10 bucks. I could not play it, so I painted it red. After 2 years I really started to play and bought a Suzuki copy of a Martin D-18 I still have it and it sounds pretty good. It’s my Shakti guitar, since I’ve scalloped it myself.

What are your influences, and which guitar players are your favorites?

I don’t listen to rock guitar players anymore, only if I know them personally, or they come to my workshops. It’s been like that for about 15 years. I hear my own playing the whole day, so my ears need some rest. I’ve been listening to my Wes Montgomery collection for the last few days, because it’s relaxing me. Furthermore, I like a lot of players from a lot of styles. There are at least 50 different players that I’ve enjoyed and even stole a lick or two from. The more unknown ones are: Eivind Aarset, Michael Sagmeister, Reentko Dirks, Stoccelo Rosenberg, Hänsche Weiss, Thorsten Goods….

There is a  book, where you show your guitars. What’s the story about that book, how did the idea come about?

Friends and fans were asking about the special instruments. So it is not really my idea. My job as an artist is to stay connected with the people that are supporting me. I also wanted to show something you won’t find in the guitar magazines.

You use many guitars on your new CD, how do you know which guitar is the best for a single track?

No.1 is always the feel. You play a certain instrument and you stop thinking… No.2 is the sound engineer in me. Which frequencies are needed. I want to use as little EQ as possible.

Do you try the songs with different guitars before you choose the one for recording?

Sometimes. Different guitars make me play differently.

Your new CD sells very well, would you have expected that in advance?

Of course not, it is stupid to make records, since Spotify changed the game. I make records because it is my favorite thing to do in the world. For me, it is even more fulfilling than just playing the guitar. If I was interested in money, I would have a different job…

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