This article series is about the tools of popular guitarists and bassists. What are their favorite guitars or basses and how is it related to them? This time with Sven Larsson (GROUNDBREAKER).
I started playing guitar in the eightes in my early teens. My first guitar was a Hagstrom Swede. I am mostly influenced by progressive rock, melodic rock, blues and heavy metal. I have also been listening a lot to fusion. Some of my favorite guitarists are Steve Lukather, Steve Morse, Frank Marino, Jeff Beck and Allan Holdsworth to name a few.
I have 10 electric guitars. My favorites are my Gibson Les Paul and my Fender Stratocaster.
I have an Music man Silhouette which I also like a lot.
The perfect guitar had a very characteristic sound and are very confortable to play.
The amps I have been using the most is a Fender blues junior and different Marshall amps.
Lately I have also used an elevenrack.
On the new album we used an Soldano amp.
If I only can choose one guitar I will problaby take my Gibson Les Paul


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