This article series is about the tools of popular guitarists. What are their favorite guitars and how is it related to them? This time with Seraina Telli (Dead Venus).

Hi there!
This is Seraina from Dead Venus
#1 “Tiger Lily”

First of all I’d like to talk about my custom made 6 String Stratocasters. It’s just like a real Fender except it isn’t a real one haha!

It is equipped with 2 single coil pickups (left and middle), one humbucker (right) and a piezo system (acoustic guitar sound). I actually started playing with acoustic guitar and for some songs we need that sound. That’s why I wanted a guitar with which I am able to produce an acoustic guitar sound too for live shows.

My favourite feature at the moment is the piezo system. That guitar has two outputs. one for the electric guitar and one for the piezo so I can play both guitars together which gives me the ability to create a super fat sound.

#2 “Mint Devil”

That one was my first electric guitar and it’s going to get the same features as the lila one plus a new pickguard in light yellow – boooom!!

For now it is equipped with 3 single coil (Hänsler) pickups. I played that one on the new Dead Venus album and the same titled single “Flowers & Pain”

For both:

Body is Red Alder, the neck is Maple and the 21-fretboard is out of Rosewood. The neck is bolted to the body….

I use Ernie Ball regular slinky or cobalt 10-46 strings. Still trying some different ones from time to time.

I created the guitar sound for my band Dead Venus. I kind of had the idea of a guitar sound in my head when I was writing the songs. Thereto I started looking for an amp, speakers, and matching strings, and I added humbucker and the piezo.

I have only just started playing electric guitar two years ago. Before I only played western guitar…

#3 My 2 Western Guitars

The green one is from “Dean” and out of mahogany wood. The brown one is an olive wooded western from “Ibanez”. I play Elixir 10/47 on both and yeah there’s not much more to say but that I love these two beauties! (grins)




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