This article series is about the tools of popular guitarists. What are their favorite guitars and how is it related to them? This time with Magnus Mild (Air Raid, Perpetual Etude, Gathering Of Kings).
From the very start I always liked stratocasters or strat-like guitars. My first electric guitar was a black Squier Strat.
I remember that one. It never stayed in tune after I’ve used the whammy bar. Now I know why.

For the moment I mostly play on my sonic blue „strat“. It’s made by parts from Allparts and Hosco. The pickup config is Dimarzio Hs-4 / Hs-3 pickups in neck and bridge. Refretted with dunlop jumbo frets and fully scalloped. (By me)
Another fav of mine is my satin black NOS strat with an american special neck. That’s my number one live guitar.
With only one layer of nitro lacquer it flaws pretty easy. Looks almost like you dragged it behind a car. But it’s 100% pure worn.
It’s equipped with Dimarzio Paf HB in the bridge and an Air Norton in the neck position. A fully scalloped neck with jumbo frets, Willkinson tremolo and Fender locking tuners.
I use:
Daddario 09-42 / 46
Dimarzio clip-lock straps – (You’ll never think if the strap will lose) Live, the focus should be on playing.
I prefer jumbo frets and a scalloped neck. I do that job myself.
Locking tuners, for the ease of string change and for the tuning stability.
I mainly use Dimarzio pickups (Paf 36th (bridge), Super Distortion(bridge), Air Norton (neck), Hs3 and hs4)
Picks: Dunlop flow 2.0mm or Jazz III Ultex

Live I’ve been using either my Kemper or some pedals with the backline amp on the venue. Hopefully it’s a good amp.
Lately I’ve been going back more to tube amps. I recently bought a 50w 1987x clone. Sounds so great after (Jesper Karlsson of Amps By-Racing) did som magic with it.
I also use my old Laney VH100r.

My main cabs are:
Nn old noname 2×12 with Celestion v30 and an old Marshall 2×12 with Celestion g12t-75.
Looks like crap but sounds really good. That’s the most important thing for me.

Front Photo: Robin Elmgren



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