This article series is about the tools of popular guitarists. What are their favorite guitars and how is it related to them? This time with Luke Fortini.

Characteristics of Luke Fortini’s instrumentation:
Fender Stratocaster (white body) custom with 22 fret scalopped neck (1.5 mm.), DiMarzio HS3 pick ups and self-locking mechanics.

Fender Stratocaster (red body) custom with scalapped neck (1.5 mm.) With 22 frets, pick ups Seymour Duncan (Invader and Hot Rails) and self-locking mechanics.
For 8 years now I have relied on digital sound for convenience and quality, both in the studio and live with my bands.

In the past for concerts I used Marshall JCM 900, Peavey 5150 and Laney VH100R as tube amps, now I use Headrush, connected to various amps, both live in the mixer desk.
In the studio I also use the classic Pod Line6, because I really like how it sounds and it is very comfortable to carry.

This roughly is my current gear, I went from the big tube amp head and cabinet to the convenience of digital.
As far as the effects are concerned, they are classic, or for solos the digital delay (by Headrush), or the DD3 by Boss.
For clean sounds I use chorus and delay, sometimes a slight flanger.
For the rhythms, playing mostly rock metal I use a full-bodied distorted sound, without reverb.

Sometimes if I want to have a little jazz / blues feel I just use the clean sound with the guitar tone closed.
I am not a lover of crunch sound, for me the ideal is to have the sound either distorted or clean.

Basically I am a guitarist who advocates digital, but I come from valve amps, I think technology has made and will continue to make great strides.
As for the strings I’m currently using the Elixirs, they are really good and strong.
The scale is 009 – 046, sometimes I use 008 instead of 009.


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