This article series is about the tools of popular guitarists. What are their favorite guitars and how is it related to them? This time with Gus G. (Firewind, ex- Ozzy Osbourne)

How many guitars do you own and what are your favorite models?

I haven’t counted but it must be close to 50 by now. My favorite guitars are definitely my own signature models, as I was so involved creating those. They’re tailor made to my needs.

You are mainly known with new guitar models; how do you feel about vintage guitars, and do you have any?

I like vintage guitars, primarily Strats. But I’m not a collector or anything. I got way too many of my own models thru the years. Probably the closest thing to a vintage guitar I own, is a Gary Moore red Fiest 1961 reissue Stratocaster.

Which guitars and amps were used on the new album?

Guitar wise – mainly my latest 2 new Jackson signature models. The ivory Star guitar and the San Dimas candy apple red model. Amp wise – I mainly used plugins since I tracked everything in my home studio. I think Dennis re-amped all my rhythm tones with an EVH 5150 III 25-watt amp, but all lead tones are plugins, primarily from STL Tones.

What do you think makes the perfect guitar and amp? How do you feel about the question of modeler or tube amp?

I’m a guy who loves valve amps. I’ve gotten used to the plugins though, since I do so much work at my own home studio. I wouldn’t use amp modelers live just yet, I’d prefer to use a great valve amp that runs into an IR loadbox to maybe help the FOH guy. But I still love the air from the cabinet, I wouldn’t trade that for a modeler. I don’t use in-ear monitors either, that’s why I prefer the good ol’ volume up on stage.


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