This article series is about the tools of popular guitarists. What are their favorite guitars and how is it related to them? This time with Mads Erlend Ystmark (LÜT)

Guitarwhise i like something that can take a beating, look nice and sound good. I must have been through 20-30 guitars at this point and for some reason I stumbled upon this Fender Jazzmaster TVL a couple of years ago. I’ve always liked the sound and look of the Jazzmaster and offset guitars. I changed the pickups to Lollar Jazzmaster pickups and changed the bridge to a Mastery. The guitar pairs really good with all the sounds i do with LÜT and will stay one for the time being(i think).

Ampwise i am much more of a classical being. i remember seeing Brian May use them when i first started playing guitar and just fell in love with the way it looks. And in my teens i bought one for myself and i love them. The pairing of a Fender guitar and a Vox amp is such an allarounder. Ive done Surf, punk, hardcore, metal etc on it and it always works. In LÜT i play 4 of them where they are two Ac30CC2’s with each their Ac30 cabinet so it sounds massive. And they are coated red like the rest of our backline.

Pedalwise i’ve been a nerd for a while, but ended up on quite a simple rig in the end. I use a Eventide H9 for all kinds of crazy shit(but mostly reverbs and delays). The Boss RE-20(Space echo) has been my most trusted pedal for seven years and i use it for everything from echo to drives. The Echoplex booster i use as a simple signal boost for solos etc. next one is the JAM Rattler which is this crazy Rat-clone that sounds amazing. My fuzz-beast is the Hudson Electronics FuzzFuzzFuzz. Then there is the Ehx Pog which i use for big ballsy guitar solos etc. and a nano tuner.



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