This article series is about the tools of popular guitarists. What are their favorite guitars and how is it related to them? This time with Jack Starr (Burning Starr).

I play a 1984 Fender American Standard,with three Seymour Duncan hi gain pickups ,I use D’Addario strings 10 to 46 gauge and I tune down one half step down so my E is actually an Eb . I have also outfitted this strat with the biggest jumbo frets I could find which though makes the guitar slightly more difficult to play it also accounts for longer sustain and more precise bending.

Also for amplifiers I use a Marshall JCM 800 fifty watt head with one 4 12 cabinet with greenback speakers, I use only one pedal and it is an original Ibanez Tube Screamer with the highly sought after germanium crystal chip.

The other „secret“ to my rig is that I only use gold plated hi output low noise cables .My backup guitar is a 1984 Japanese Stratocaster  with the stock pickups but this guitar has seen very little action because I almost never break a string on my main guitar.

Bio Jack Starr:

Jack Starr  is a Down to Earth very approachable soft yet well-spoken man . He lives in Melbourne Florida with the Love of his Life Linda Maniscalco and his AMAZING 100year + old Mother Lounah. Jack learned to play guitar by ear was involved with some early bands that travelled and played abroad while he was still devoloping his craft and style in 1981 along with drummer Joey Ayvazian formed the band Virgin Steele and recruited singer Dave DeFeis who had a bass player Joey O’Reilly- – Upon the release of their debut album a genre of music that we now know today as American Power Metal was  truly born & Jack is often and correctly credited for having pioneered this genre of music- Jack left Virgin Steele after releasing two albums and one EP-his debut solo release Jack Starr Out of The Darkness – Kerrang magazine Bestowed Guitar Hero Status on Jack also naming the album as one of the best metal albums of the year- backing up here to 1982  Mike Varney of Guitar Player Magazine  selected Jack to appear on US Metal Vol 2 this what’s the start of many great things for Jack- after Out of The Darkness Jack formed Jack Starr’s Burning Starr and released four albums one with singer Frank Vestry and the rest with singer Mike Tirelli after the 4th album Jack and Mike released an album called Strider and in 2003 Jack released Jack Starr’s Guardians of The Flame with vocalist Shmoulik Avigail of among others including The Rods and Holland band Picture – 2009 with the Release of the Defiance Album and an invitation to join the Magic Circle Festival Jack resurrected the Burning Starr  name in 2008  and sign toMagic Circle Records and a new singer named Todd Michael Hall previous to that Todd was in Riot and later we all know became a contestant on „THE VOICE – KENNY RHINO EARL former Drummer of Manowar joined in and in 2011 Land of the dead was released 2017 saw the release of STAND YOUR GROUND with the same line up Hall – Meloni & Rhino  – Todd Michael Hall has moved on but the Upcoming Album is spectacular featuring Alexx Panza from Turin , Italy on Vocals Ned & Rhino still round out the rhythm section and are tighter now than ever – announced yesterday the Band is Under New management  Giles Lavery a Seasoned veteran who also manages Alcatraz & Chris Impelliterri to name a few . Also Jack Solo project completed that will hopefully be released this year as well. So you can see that along with being mild mannered and soft spoken he is very busy at the ripe young age of 70 musically he always has something new in the works. Throughout the years Jack has also released several solo projects Instrumental Anthology – Soon Day Will Come-Swimming in Dirty Water -Prelude in C minor among others- also in 1997 there was a project called The Reunion of STEELE  The Sacred Demos was an effort by Jack Starr and Dave DeFeis to put best foot forward and write together and record these demos-unfortunately musical and other differences separated the two again. Jack also formed the Jack Starr  Blues Band  & and another band called Blues DeVille in the years in between Burning Starr albums. One  noteworthy release I failed to mention is- Jack Starr Before the STEELE  THE ROOTS OF A METAL MASTER-In Closing I would like to mention that anyone who knows Jack“ The Maestro“  Starr as a friend knows that Jack knows how to be a friend he has a loving and compassionate Heart and means well in all that he does all while keeping the Metal Horns Held High long live Rock and Roll.


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