This article series is about the tools of popular guitarists. What are their favorite guitars and how is it related to them? This time with Christian Carlsson (The Quill).
So, I actually got 2 main guitars. Both are Gibson Les Paul. Having Ace Frehley as my first guitar hero it was an obvious choice and the guitar of my dreams since early age.
The black one is Custom from 1978 which I swapped from Bullets guitar player Hampus Klang. I had an old Gibson Sg Custom that he was very interested in and he had this one. So we made a deal and both were happy. I think this was in 2007. It’s all original except for the volume/tone knobs. It’s quite heavy but the neck is very slim and easy to play which I really like. And isn’t a „Black Beauty“ everybodys‘ dream guitar?
The white one is a Standard from 1989. All original. I bought it from a friend in 1990 so it was pretty much brand new. This was my number one for many years and has gotten pretty road worn but I really love it. The sound is a bit more „woody“ and got a bit more low end compared to the Custom.
Ever since I saw Jimmy Page playing a double neck as a kid I always wanted one. This is an Epiphone from 1996 I think and it plays really well. The 12-string neck sounds amazing and I have used it for certain songs over the years. It’s really heavy as you can imagine so it’s not used more than a song or two in the livesets.
The V I stumbled on a couple of years back. It’s not a real gibson but a „no name guitar“ with parts from different brands. It plays really well but most importantly it looks amazing. The real Hendrix Custom Shop Flying V is not really for a poor musician like me..
I have played through Orange amps the last ten years or so and their sound is just what suits me the best. I tried all different brands over the years before but was not really satisfied until I tried Orange.


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