This article series is about the tools of popular guitarists. What are their favorite guitars and how is it related to them? This time with Sammy Berell.

I have always keep thing very simple. By not having some multi effects going on. It was a time when I had huge racks and effects as teen And surly didn’t know we’re my sound should be Like ,, Or become. As many guitarist out there. You just start somewhere. I had my 15 watt amp park some shit brand.that I started out with it was useful at the time-And a shit telecaster squire something. Very ugly guitar, but its help me out from were I started .My first guitar was my father acoustic guitar that I completely destroyed The first three years when you start playing you play so much and practice so much that the instrument will brake ,, As well with many other guitars. But that another story ,, I use to play on my best fiends father Strat copy all day long. It was a white cool gutar that I thought look awesome . So I know one day I would won a real fender. A white col sodding one..

The years passed, My gear was more expensive . I have going threw so many guitars and amps, Over the years so it would take time to go threw all, But I remember I was in to Washburn great brand I had this Nuno bettencourt signatur model. N2 it was amazing ,, And the jump over to Ibanez RG was close. As well tow Ibanez 777 Steve Vai models ,, one 7stingss ..I was so much in to Alien love secrets and. Passion war fear, I kept playing on Ibanez for many many years. It was a time were I was very much in to tapping and Floyd roses .. Playing around with wamybars and stuff like that. Sadly they didn’t had that sound. I was looking for. And my playing style was not to fit as well. I have ESP Gibsons studio from the 90ts flying V and many fender ofc, I have been playing Fender seems I believe,, the teens ,Its a great guitar that have almost all I seek. The sound is very Dynamic it’s very hard to play, on a fender good. Thats why in” my” opinon ppl don’t really go for fender . Its very flexible it’s comes in many different styles and shapes . I am mostly in to Strats its a very genuin guitar it demands a very skild player,, dynamic and a sensitive hand.. if you cant play it will sound like shit .In the other hand if you can its sound good. Really good. I don’t like hum buckers too much I keep it simple. Singel coils .just a distortion and marshall . In my teen I had my cabinet I still have the one left. Its a vintage ”Greenback” celestion Marshall 1960BX 4×12 model it was broken when I bought it so I fixet up. It’s the one I use mostly .And like marshall so it’s can be different if you out and play. I use as-well My JVM 205h to that one great amp.colorful and have many optional things on it.

Fender Stratocaster
There is a few that I often use .I have had many sold. And change over the years. This one on the picture here Its a ” 69” ish ”customs.” I build them from the scratch. The are different years on all.This one I use much .It was white form the beginning but painted it ”vintage ” with change all setup on it and all .Maple neck .And ash in one piece. Vintage tremolo system the YJM fury pickups on this one they have a very good balance and sound very great . Great output,This another one is one of my favorite ones its the first guitar that I made its rosewood neck same thet I use Seymour Duncan YJM pure pickups on this one as well .The rest is Hs3 Hs2 and Hs1 on all the others fenders heavy blues on one Strat as well.Right threw all. I like the sunburst its looks great sounds great All my guitar have 21frets I use 62 to 08 and some are 08 string. I use Earnie ball strings. I have mostly 50ts custom build ones I like there look they are think c shape neck very nice sound . light alder body 3 tones color sunburst .synchronized tremolo American vintage

New Jackson
Most recently I bought this Jackson SL4X solist. its a retro one. It’s a funny guitar and actually this model Jeff beck had from the start . It was my friend and Yngwies old guitar technical Peter Roth. How suggested this one .I tested out it was really amazing it has hot rials pickups HR-101Floyd rose special .And it has 2,25 Maple neck and a rosewood fingerboard 24 jump frets, The tone is similar to a fender The real. First ones, with. Very distinct mid very old very typical ” RATT sound ,,very 80ts typ of metal“

The golden child
Maple neck and alder body its gold vintage style. Synchronized tremolo vintage.
Heavy blue pickups .Its was a guitar -I build many years ago .Sound great and have been really cool.Some of the guitars are scalloped ..Not all but some. They thing with making and building your own guitars. Its just that. I cant really find something I like. In store fenders are often stiff and need much tweak and change pickups etc , and if you build then yourself you get themas you want .I have always been fan of custom things. ..I have a JMp1 digital rack that was huge in the 80ts 90ts it was a cool thing when they came out. They often are custom made by Tommy folkesson a amp guitar builder how have a special name in the business.

I don’t have pictures on my ESP or Gibsons I was buying my ESP form Ian hauglands The Europe drummers cousin how sold it to friend I use to fix his guitar day in day out he said why don’t you buy it from me. So I did very cheap .just a 50 diollars I believe ,I told Ian about the stuff and he just laugh. And remember it , I don’t really know the story behind it but was fun ..some years early I bought a fender own buy Yngwie its a left one it had his autograph on it but I don’t care so much.As I was a teen its when gone hehe.. I love that guitar its just odd. Very strange guitar sound great and all but u cant find some numbers on that one ,, or wt kinds of pickups it is on that one. Even tho the whole guitar is dissected many times. My first fender. A Cream white ,,standard American Strat ,, very nice but I don’t play on it so ,much now day“.

I have change neck on it surly 5 times. Its has hs3 on it stock middle and hs2. Rosewood neck have had maple neck on it and I remember. I was given one long time ago .. one of the first Yngwie necks from the 80ts 90ts to try out . I was a time when I was playing a lot of Yngwie things as kid ..Ppl have always like to compeer my style and stuff like that to him sense I grow up very close to were he grow up .. so ofc I was influenced was naturtal and comparing to my lifestyle . the Strat and the tone may have been close but, I never own a signatur model Strat. Or stuff like that. I was building my own stuff back In the 90ts ..To express your own individuality was and I think it is even to day is to ,Follow the old recipe“.
By many good examples Eddy Yngwie Steve Vai Brian may etc , build fix your own guitar amps etc. My pedals are humble Boss I like boss they have been always big brands very solid ,, few examples .Chorus and delay pedals ,, the ” old classic NS2 ofc I use a dod classic I have the yngwies red one as well I have Overdrive od-3 as-well ..someone think oh its in the pedals no,,no nothing could be more wrong its in the hand.. and the plectrum,, Plectrum have change may times I was in to 2,0 dunlop ones many years. And 1,5 dunlop but I have change them to jazz plectrums 2,0 small stiff sharp ones. I think they are best.
I use Ibanez 12 string acoustic ones studio Yamaha, steel string live and studio I use cort, steel same ,, and Yamaha nylon.



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