It seems like my main guitars for the past 20 years or so have all been Tom Anderson guitars.  I got my first Tom Anderson around 1999 or so.  Dann Huff (guitarist of Giant, Nashville and L.A. session guitarist, and our producer) had an awesome Tom Anderson tele that always sounded so good on the track that I soon got my second Tom Anderson, a Hollow T Contour that I’ve nicknamed „Uno“.  That Hollow T because my main guitar for a bit.  It has Anderson stacked humbucking pickups and a megaswitch so that I can get some really useable tones.  I eventually swapped the neck pickup out for a full-sized humbucker (an Anderson HC1-) because I thought it complemented the TD3+ bridge pickup.  Uno has an alder body with a swamp ash top, maple neck and rosewood fretboard and a Tom Anderson drop D tuner on the low E string. This guitar has become my reference guitar when making Kemper profiles.  I’ve used it for so long and know exactly how it should sound and it typically makes any amp sound better just by plugging into it.  The 5-way switch is wired so I can get the following sounds in these positions: 1-Bridge pickup top coil only (true single coil), 2-Bridge pickup both coils (hum cancelling), 3-Bridge top coil plus full neck humbucker, 4-Neck humbucker split (single coil), 5-Full neck humbucker.  I feel like the bridge pickup sounds best in true single coil mode but if the venue is ever too noisy, I can just switch to position 2 when I’m using more gain to keep the noise down.  I recently had Joe Glaser (renowned Nashville guitar tech) install his proprietary B-Bender system on Uno so I could use it on the song „Heartbroke Every Day“ in our live set as that song requires a B-Bender.  Uno turns 20 years old this November.

In about 2003, I called up Tom Anderson and told them I was wanting a guitar with P90’s in it, preferable 3 P90’s so I could cover strat tones in addition to my normal tele/P90 tones.  They tracked a guitar down in NYC at Manny’s Music and put me in touch with the salesman there.  They sent me a pic of the guitar and I bought it and that guitar has been my main road guitar for the past 18 years.  It’s a cajun red Tom Anderson Cobra with 3 P90 pickups and a tremolo, nicknamed „Red“.  There’s nothing this guitar can’t cover.  It has had a few modifications from stock but has always been a stellar instrument.  The Cobra model has a mahogany body and neck, with a maple cap, and Gibson scale length.  It feels a little slinkier than a typical tele but that gives it a unique midrange that I love.  I’ve changed the P90 pickups to Duncan Antiquity P90’s and Tom installed stainless steel frets back in 2009 or so and added a Drop D tuner to the low E string. I also installed an Ilitch Electronics silent coil system backplate, which is a dummy coil built into the back tremolo cover, so it makes the P90 pickups hum cancelling without changing their tone.  The result is a guitar that can cover just about any sound I need, from country tele type stuff, to in-between strat sounds, to rock covers.  All of Anderson’s guitars play effortlessly and the attention to detail and playability are the best in my opinion.  Red has been featured in many of my video demos at and has been onstage at almost every single show since I got it.

„Tiger“ is a relatively new Tom Anderson I acquired last year but it’s become a staple in our live shows.  It’s a Tom Anderson Drop T with a Tiger Eye finish and an interested complement of pickups.  The bridge pickup is a stacked Tele bridge pickup (slightly different than Uno’s), a strat stacked single coil in the middle position, and a PQ90, a hum cancelling P90 in the neck position. Since all of the pickups incorporate two coils, they are all hum cancelling so never worry about noise onstage.  It also has a tremolo and like most of my main guitars, I have installed a drop D tuner on the low E string for more flexibility.  Tiger has a basswood body and maple top with a maple neck and rosewood fretboard.  It is standard Fender scale so it has plenty of snap like a tele should, but the middle pickup and tremolo make it much more than a standard tele, able to get great in-between strat tones with a trem if needed. „Blue“ is my newest Tom Anderson and it’s an Icon Classic, so it has all of the usual appointments of a vintage strat, including top mounted jack, single endpin strap button, and full size strat body.  It has an alder body, roasted maple neck/fretboard, and a daphne blue finish over a tobacco sunburst with level 3 relic job.  It already looks and feels worn in so I don’t have to worry about every little ding that happens on the road.  The finish on the roasted maple neck feels silky smooth and it plays as great as all of the Andersons I’ve ever had.  It has an HSS pickup configuration with an Anderson HC2 pickup in the bridge and SC1 pickups in the middle and neck position.  It’s basically a hot-rodded HSS strat that both looks great and has some great tones on tap all while playing perfectly like Andersons do.  The tone knobs are both push-push switches.  The bottom tone knob allows me to get the bridge/neck pickup combination with it’s in the ‚up‘ position and the switch is in the middle position.  The other tone knob splits the humbucker for single coil bridge sounds.


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