Pic: Lena Angioni

This article series is about the tools of popular guitarists. What are their favorite guitars and how is it related to them? This time with Martin Jepsen Andersen

Pic: John Mortensson.

My main guitar is a brand new custom build, made by Delaney Guitars in Texas. I got in touch with Michael Delaney through Walter Trout, whom my band Blindstone was backing for some shows last year, and Michael offered me an endorsement, and to build this custom guitar for me, to my specs.
This was a wonderful opportunity, as my old main strat was ready for retirement from touring, and I was looking for a replacement that I felt was good enough. Having tried Walter’s guitar, I was convinced Michael could build it for me. He went above and beyond, and the resulting guitar is incredible!

Pic: Michael Delaney

I generally feel most comfortable with strat-type guitars, but I asked to have a humbucker pickup in the bridge position, as opposed to the usual single coil that strats usually have. This is so I can cover all the styles I play (blues, hard rock, metal) with one guitar. The pickups are Delaney’s own: 1 Everest humbucker and two Denali single coils.
The neck and fretboard are maple, and the profile is based on Walter’s signature Delaney model, which I really liked.
The fretboard has a compound radius, from 10 to 16 “.
Being a massive fan of Jimi Hendrix (his music is the reason I started playing in the first place), I asked for a reverse headstock. There are many, more or less scientific arguments about the sonic qualities of a reverse headstock versus a normal one, but I mainly choose to have it for cosmetic reasons. To be perfectly honest, I don’t really hear much of a difference.
The body is swamp ash, finished with a thin coat of nitro laquer. No grain filler was used on the wood. This is to improve the resonance of the guitar, but I also like that raw, open-pore look.
Furthermore, the guitar has a Hipshot tremolo system.

Pic: John Mortensson

It’s a very light and resonant guitar, with incredible playability. It positively sings, and I absolutely love it!
It still very new, but it has quickly become my main instrument. It works great for both the blues-rock stuff, and for heavier styles as well. This guitar and I have a long, beautiful road ahead of us together!

As for pedals and amps, my setup is very simple: I use a Vox wah and a Line6 HX Stomp multi-effect pedal, run into the power amp of my Marshall JCM 2000, into either a 4 x 12 or a 1 x 12 cabinet, depending on venue size.
When I play with Blindstone, I add a Digitech Drop pedal and a Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Fuzzface to the effects chain, whereas when I’m playing with, say, Meridian, I omit those extra pedals.

That’s it. Simple, but it works great!




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