This article series is about the tools of popular guitarists. What are their favorite guitars and how is it related to them? This time with Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings, Transatlantic).

As any kid I used to dream about guitars – first about the shiniest guitars – Stratocasters -because my first idol Jimi Hendrix had one – then Gibson Les Pauls – because my next hero Peter Green (of Fleetwood Mac) had one -then Gibson ES 335. because George Wadenius,Allan Holdsworth, BB King, Alvin Lee, Frank Zappa all had Gibson ES 335’s. So, at age 18 I buy my first red Gibson ES 335 – then a Stratocaster from 1963!! – then followed a few Gibson Melody Makers – more Strats – Ibanez’s – In 1991 I bought a 1953. Gibson Les Paul Goldtop – I still have it. Also got the 1968 Gibson ES 175. (Jazz model cherry) In 2000 I got a Parker Fly from the company – that was incredible – Still have it! But now back to what I play today – and fact is I do play mostly a relatively cheap Fender Telecaster Thinline – that has had a major make over – with True Temperament neck fretboard – I’ve installed piezo system – installed a mini humbucker from Seymour Duncan in neck position – This guitar is simply the best stage guitar I’ve had – singing tone – yet percussive – and the feedback is just right at louder stage levels. I prefer dynamic guitars and more moderate overdrive – so I’m not much into supersaturated riffing. A good guitarsound to my ears are what people like Joe Bonamassa has today …. At the end of the day – I can play any guitar – as long as I can set up strings and height-but Telecasters has become my favo stage guitar.


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