In dieser Artikel Serie geht es um das Handwerkzeugs beliebter Gitarristen. Welches sind ihre Lieblingsgitarren und wie ist ihr Bezug dazu. Diesmal mit Quinn Sullivan.

I’ve picked two of my favorite guitars I own. One being my 2008 white Fender American Standard Stratocaster and my 2006 cherry red Gibson ES-335. 

GUITAR # 1: The story behind my white Stratocaster is very interesting actually. It was the first full size guitar I had ever owned before. I remember the day I got it. I saw a UPS truck come down my street and deliver this huge box to my front door. I was not expecting to get a guitar from Fender, especially at 8 years old. Ever since I’ve owned that guitar, It’s been with me every single time I play. I always have that guitar around wherever I am on the road. I consider it to be a reminder of good luck. I always think of my 8 year old self and it definitely brings back a lot of nostalgia and good times. It’s my number 1 and my favorite guitar I own. 

 GUITAR # 2: The story behind my Gibson ES-335 is also fascinating. When I was 6 years old, I got to go on the Ellen DeGeneres show. It was such an amazing experience and quite a thrill to be on national TV so young in my life. She gave me a brand new Gibson ES-335 guitar, which I still of course have today. It’s a pretty amazing guitar that I play often. The first time I ever saw that guitar being played justice was when I saw Eric Clapton play one on YouTube with Cream at the Royal Albert Hall. I don’t tour much with the guitar and it stays home most of the time because I have it signed by BB King and Buddy Guy, so I only take it out for special occasions.

Picture by Chuck Lanza


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